Installing and Maintaining Doors

Installing and Maintaining Doors

Why Choose Blinds for Glazed Doors?

Camila Pena

Many Australian homes have glazed doors somewhere in them. All sorts of frames are used, from traditional wood to up-to-the-minute aluminium — with the latter seeing plenty of market growth. That said, one thing that needs to be considered when fitting French doors, bi-folding doors or sliding patio doors is that your privacy can become compromised. As such, you will need some form of window treatment that is suitable for a doorway. In this regard, blinds offer the most cost-effective and reliable solution to meet your needs. What makes blinds such a good choice for glazed doorways?

French Doors

Blinds suit all sorts of doors and windows but they are particularly effective when deployed on hinged doors, such as French doors. If you have a pair of glazed doors in this style, then you may consider hanging a set of curtains over them to provide privacy. However, doing so means you always have to move them back and forth to be able to come in and out. It is, therefore, much better to fit Venetian or roller blinds to the top of the doors themselves rather than the wall. This way, they can be dropped or left up and they won't ever get in the way of you opening and closing your doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

The traditional design of a sliding patio door remains very popular in Australia. However, with such a large expanse of glazing that usually runs down from close to the ceiling all the way to the floor, finding a suitable mechanism for maintaining privacy is tricky. What you want is something that will not blow around when the door is open and that can be partially dropped to cut out excessive glare without shutting out all of the available sunlight. The ideal thing is a blind that sits between the double-glazing. Not only will this move seamlessly when you slide your door but it will never need to be dusted because it is fitted inside a sealed unit.

Bi-Folding Doors

Although you can buy off-the-peg bi-fold doors, many are made-to-measure and this means you will need something that is tailored to your needs more often than not. If you obtain bespoke blinds that drop down independently of one another over each section of your door, then you will benefit from greater flexibility in how and when you deploy them. This will also mean your security is improved because made-to-measure blinds will not have any areas they don't quite cover which allow prying eyes to peek through.

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