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Installing and Maintaining Doors

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Submitting a Safety Statement on Handling Fire Breakouts

Camila Pena

The government requires you to submit a statement on fire safety if you are constructing a building with many storeys. The requirement came into place to increase the fire safety measures undertaken by landlords when constructing high-rise buildings. The rule to submit one aims to ensure that developers use building plans that give unlimited access to fire-fighting appliances. The first step should be figuring out if your building is one of those that these changes apply. If it is, you should consult with the relevant authorities and start the assessment. Here are four commonly asked questions about submitting an annual fire safety statement.

Does Your Housing Fall in a Category That Needs the Document?

The new law about safety assessment affects buildings with two or more blocks. The regulations specify the height of buildings considered relevant. The rules also detail the method to determine whether the building is of a required category. For example, you should start measuring from the ground to the floor on the highest storey. The measurements do not consider any appliances and additions made to the rooftop.

What Information Must You Provide?

The form asks for information on various aspects of the dwelling. The experts want to understand your basic principles for fire safety when planning the process. They need to see a plan or site layout. You should also indicate how emergency vehicles will access the building in case a fire leads to the need for evacuation. They will also want to know how you have planned to supply the water that emergency service providers might need for the firefighting task. If your construction has more than one building, they will also want to know the amount of space you put between the buildings.

What Steps Should You Follow When Submitting?

You should contact the Health and Safety Executive office before submitting a statement. Consult on your building type and whether it fits in the relevant category. If they confirm your building should apply for one, they will also give you information about the limitations that could lead to losing out on your application. After submitting the statement, they will assess the contents and offer pointers on how you can comply with the regulations.

It is advisable to seek advice on fire statements before the construction process. You will have a simpler time with the process when you work with professionals and ensure you have met the required standards.


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