Installing and Maintaining Doors

Installing and Maintaining Doors

How to Choose the Right Security Screens for Your Home

Camila Pena

Security screens installed in front of your home's windows can help to keep out potential intruders and thieves and reduce the risk of a child or pet falling out a window in the upper story of the home as well. A strong security screen can also protect the windows from breakage, something to consider if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, or if you live near a golf course and your home is sometimes hit by errant balls! There is a wide variety of options for security screens for your home, so note a few tips on how to choose the best ones for your needs in particular.


The mesh of a security screen is important, but so is the frame; if an intruder can bend or pry open the frame of a screen, then it won't provide much security! Aluminium is lightweight and usually very affordable, but steel may be the most durable option. A steel frame around a security screen is difficult to bend or otherwise move out of place from the window frame, so a potential intruder would not be able to simply kick that screen out of place. Steel may also be the most resistant against dents and dings, so these frames won't be damaged in a storm or when hit by those stray golf balls!


Note how the grille and frame are connected. Ideally, the grille should be installed inside the frame or actually welded to it, as this provides more protection against someone being able to separate the frame from the grille. If there are rivets or bolts that connect the mesh to the frame, be sure these connectors are placed toward the outer edge of the screen frame. This will keep those rivets nestled near the window frame itself, and make it more difficult for someone to reach them in order to pry the frame apart.

Solar screens

While you may be shopping for security screens just as a way to keep out intruders, you might also consider if you need some light blockage from those screens as well. Solar screens are often made of a darker material and will have a fine, tight mesh so that they provide shade for the indoor area. This can be especially good for a child's room so that they can nap or play without bothersome sunlight coming through the windows during the day.


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