Installing and Maintaining Doors

Installing and Maintaining Doors

3 Garage Door Styles To Consider

Camila Pena

If you need to replace a garage door, you may wonder what type you should go with and whether to use the same style as you currently have. Here are several options to help you decide which type to install.

Roller Doors

One possibility is a roller door, which consists of a flexible piece of corrugated metal. As the door opens, the metal rolls up into a bundle that sits at the top of the doorway. Steel is commonly used because it's tough and can withstand dents better than some other metals. Plus, it forms a strong barrier that burglars can't easily get past. If you need a particularly wide garage door, it will require thicker metal with deeper grooves, enabling it to span the doorway without sagging. The door bundle will be larger too when it's opened, so the garage will need enough headroom.

One of the advantages of roller garage doors is that they open compactly and out of the way, making them ideal for tight driveways. They provide plenty of design options, as you have a choice of corrugation styles and colours to pick from.

Tilt Doors

Another door style you may consider for the garage is a tilt door, which consists of a single unbendable panel. These doors use a combination of springs to swing the panel outward and upward so that the door sits horizontally above the entrance when open. You have limitless design freedom with a tilt door, as the panel can be made of various materials, including metal and timber, and it can be finished in diverse ways. You could use powder-coated metal or stained timber with a natural texture.

However, a tilt door will require space on the driveway and overhead to open, and it will need to clear any light fixtures or other elements on the garage ceiling.

Sectional Doors

You could alternatively opt for a sectional garage door. These barriers consist of multiple horizontal panels that are hinged together, allowing the door to bend. It's set on tracks at each side that reach over the garage ceiling. As the door opens, the panels move vertically, then horizontally.

The multiple panels that make up the door can be made of a variety of materials, such as metal, woo, and glass. They can also be finished in different colours and embossed with decorative profiles. Plus, the door can use a greater number of narrow panels or fewer wider ones, offering many different looks. To provide light and fresh air to the garage, you could add a panel with windows or a grill. Even though these doors open compactly, allowing you to park close before opening, they take up the ceiling area. This may not bother you unless you have ceiling storage in the garage.


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