Installing and Maintaining Doors

Installing and Maintaining Doors

Answering Some Common Questions About Security Mesh for the Home

Camila Pena

Security mesh or security screens can be added to many areas of the home; they can provide an extra layer of protection outside your home's windows and can also be used inside the home to lock away valuable electronics or dangerous items like tools and cleaning chemicals. These screens are especially good for children's rooms in a home's upper storeys, as they can prevent children and pets from falling out a window. If you're thinking of adding security mesh to your home, note a few questions you might have about this material and its use and installation.

Will security mesh interfere with cell phone or WiFi reception?

While some metallic elements might block or disrupt cell phone and WiFi signals, the metal used for security screens shouldn't interfere with these signals at all.  Also note that security mesh is just that: mesh and not a solid screen that would block signals in the air. If you do experience poor reception after having security mesh installed, you might want to discuss this with your cell phone or WiFi service provider or consider getting a booster to increase the strength of that signal in your home.

Can a homeowner install their own security screens?

Note that a security screen may have a hinge that gets connected or bolted right to the home's framework, in order to keep it in place and not allow it to be easily separated from the window. Many security screens also have deadbolts that need to be attached to the window frame. Other security screens may not have hinges, but their frames are still bolted to the home's framing. Attaching security screens and all these connectors is not impossible for a homeowner, but if you don't have the right drills and other tools available, you might want to rely on an expert to manage this work for you.

What's the difference between security mesh and mesh fencing?

Don't assume that you can buy any type of mesh from the home improvement store, especially mesh fencing, and use that to secure your home's windows. Mesh fencing may be very strong but it's usually not rigid enough to stop someone from potentially falling out a window. Also note that a residential home is typically required to have a means of egress in case of a fire or other emergency inside the home, so bolting a section of mesh over the windows may be illegal and dangerous. Always rely on actual security screens and mesh for your security needs and for keeping your property and your family safe.


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