Installing and Maintaining Doors

Installing and Maintaining Doors

Important Details to Remember When Choosing Patio Doors

Camila Pena

Your choice of patio doors for your home is very important, as these doors need to provide plenty of space for foot traffic when you're entertaining while also being strong and secure so that they don't allow for an intruder to easily break into the home. When you need to replace glass doors, remember that the glass you choose is just as important as the style of the doors themselves, as you want glass that will insulate the home, won't break easily or won't be too heavy. To make shopping for these doors easier on you, note a few important details to remember.


Impact-resistant doors, often called hurricane or coastal doors, will be made of very strong, toughened glass. This glass will not rattle in high winds and is less likely to shatter if impacted or hit with anything, including flying debris during a storm. However, don't assume that only those who live near the coast or in an area prone to strong storms should be shopping for hurricane or coastal doors; in high-crime areas, these doors will also mean less risk of the glass breaking if someone throws a brick or rock.

Frame and style

Choose the frame material that matches your home and which offers the durability you want; wood may need repeated resealing and other such maintenance work while fibreglass can be expensive to replace if the door is ever damaged. Beyond the material, note the overall style of the frame that would work best for your home. A thicker frame can add weight to the doors and make them look more elegant, and a thin, lightweight frame will mean easier opening and closing. Blinds placed between two panes of glass add privacy and will help to filter sunlight in hotter climates.

Hinged or sliding

Sliding doors may not offer much security because their locks are usually less sturdy and lightweight. Hinged doors can be outfitted with deadbolts and other security features. Also, note the location of the hinge. Side hinges for French doors offer a very regal and grand look. However, for more privacy or to install a pet door in the patio doors, opt for a centre hinge. This is a hinged patio door that is connected to another stationary panel next to it. This panel might have a pane of glass in the upper portion to provide more light and privacy. The lower panel might be solid wood, or it may be outfitted with a pet door, which might otherwise be difficult to install in a solid glass patio door.


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