Installing and Maintaining Doors

Installing and Maintaining Doors

Why Security Doors Are a Good Option for Any Home

Camila Pena

Security cameras, an alarm system, motion detectors with floodlights, and other such equipment are all very good ways of increasing security for a home. However, there are some distinct advantages and benefits of security doors for a home versus these options; note a few of those here, so you know the best choice for keeping your property and your family safe.


Security cameras, alarms, and lights all need constant updates and checking to ensure they're in good working condition. However, a steel security door requires little to no maintenance over time, as these doors are meant to be sturdy and secure, with strong frames that get bolted right into the home's actual framework. In turn, the door isn't likely to sag or start to hang crooked, even after many years. You also typically never need to paint or otherwise resurface a steel security door. This can make a steel security door the most maintenance-free option you can find for a home's security.


A security door is designed to sit very snugly inside its own frame, so that no one can slide a pry bar through a gap between the door and the frame, forcing the door open. This also means that a security door offers more insulation for a home, blocking out drafts while keeping your heating and air conditioning inside. This snug fit also provides more protection against insects, lizards, snakes, scorpions, and other such "creepy crawlers" getting into your home, something to consider if you live in an area where these pests are common. Obviously alarms and other such equipment do nothing to increase the insulation of a home.

No technology needed

Installing an alarm system means having to deal with quite a bit of technology! It can be difficult, especially for elderly persons and children, to remember codes for a keypad and how to turn the alarm on for different zones, or to even remember to arm the system when leaving the home.

Neighbours may also not appreciate false alerts from a home alarm system, interrupting their day or even their sleep. They also may not like having floodlights on a property next to theirs, as those lights can light up their bedroom or outdoor space, interrupting their enjoyment of their own home. With a security door, you don't need to worry about any technology, and your neighbours won't be bothered by any noises or lights from your property as well.


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