Installing and Maintaining Doors

Installing and Maintaining Doors

4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Heater Door

Camila Pena

Wood heaters are perfect for increasing the indoor temperature during cold seasons. In addition to warmth, these heaters have a decorative effect. Their presence will enhance the ambience of the home. Unfortunately, the effect of an ideal heater can be compromised by the absence of a reliable door. If the door structure is damaged, it will allow the flow of smoke into the indoor space. Also, the heat will not be controlled. If the door becomes dirty, you will not be able to enjoy the appeal and ambience created by burning wood. Here are practical tips to help you keep your wood heater door in good condition.

Clean the Door Regularly

You should clean the heater door periodically to prevent the darkening of the glass. Washing the door is quite simple. You will need to first wipe off the accumulated soot from the door using a dry cloth. Then, you should use an appropriate cleaning agent. You can use a glass cleaning solution or mild detergent to achieve ideal results. Wipe the surfaces to eliminate soap traces and allow the door to dry before relighting it.

Check the Door Seal

You should check the condition of the door seal on a regular basis. The door seal is designed to prevent the flow of smoke, ash and other particles out of the heater. Also, it minimises the risk of escaped embers which can cause some damage. Unfortunately, the seals are made using rubber or plastic materials. Therefore, they will wear away if exposed to adverse conditions. It is important to assess the status of the seal and replace it as required.

Burn Suitable Wood

Your wood heater door can be damaged by the use of inappropriate firewood. In simple terms, some types of wood fuel will produce more smoke and soot. Consequently, the rate of door degradation will be accelerated. You can prevent this problem by choosing appropriate firewood. It is crucial to use properly seasoned wood. Moist wood will produce more smoke. You should also avoid burning wood from trees with high sap content for the same reason.

Allow Enough Oxygen

Finally, you should ensure that there is enough oxygen flowing into your wood heater for efficient burning. If there is insufficient oxygen, the firewood will experience incomplete combustion and more soot will accumulate of the door surfaces. You should check your heater and confirm that the air vent is clear enough to promote air flow. You can also replace your old heater with new models designed for optimal air flow.


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